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Boarding for your pets lifestyle


Welcome to Just 4 Paws Pet Boarding!

We are full for May

July 19-21

and August 2-7 2024

We are not currently accepting new dogs

Just 4 Paws is a boarding facility located on a 47 acre country setting serving Durham Region and Kawartha Lakes. Just 4 Paws is owned by Melanie Robson, a Veterinary Technician and Stephen Robson, who live on the property for 24 hour care. We are a full service kennel and can accommodate any size dog or cat, as well as multi pet families. Even if you share your life with a senior or special needs pet, take comfort knowing they will be under the care of a medical professional with over 20 years experience in the pet industry and veterinary field.

We welcome pets for overnight boarding and extended stays. You can be certain your pet will be provided one on one attention, plenty of exercise, and lots of fun!

And we are Veterinary recommended!

Cat Boarding

All of our cats enjoy spacious, bright suites. Your cat can watch out a full sized window facing the outdoors (and the bird feeders) and can bask in the sun from one of the many perches.

Cats are granted access to the common area twice a day where they can scratch and stretch. Classical music plays to help your cat relax and we use Feliway (a cat pheromone) to reduce anxiety.

Throughout the day, all our feline guests receive regular petting and attention.

We provide litter for your pet and request that you please bring your pets own food.

Senior or Special needs

Being away from home can be more stressful for older pets than for younger ones. They are more set in their ways, and their patterns more deeply ingrained. Dogs and cats love patterns-knowing what is going to happen and when, and changing these patterns can upset them.

We have steps in place to help your pet cope with stress. We use Adaptil (a dog pheromone) and while soft classical music plays throughout the boarding area, these pets are also provided with the same routine each day, additional attention and have extra bedding at all times. We want your senior pet to go home happy and healthy. Discuss your pet’s individual needs and health conditions in advance, along with what to do if something changes.


Please inquire about bathing after your dogs stay! We offer a bath to dogs that had so much fun they need a freshen up before heading home. (Please be aware we are not groomers and there are some dogs coats that we are unable to appropriately clean, so inquire if you have thick coated dogs) 

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