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Important Notes and Rates

All boarding dogs MUST HAVE THEIR VACCINATIONS UP TO DATE. This includes DA2PP (Parvo Virus), Rabies and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination.

All cats must have their FVRCP & Rabies vaccination and we also recommend the FeLv vaccine (feline Leukemia). We also accept titres (For Rabies/Distemper ONLY, kennel cough still needs to be up to date).


This is not only for the safety of your pet but for the others that are here as well.

PLEASE NOTE: Kennel Cough is not a core vaccine meaning that your Veterinarian may not give it unless asked. Please contact your Veterinarian to confirm that your dog is vaccinated for kennel cough.

All new dogs to us must come for a minimum 3 hours assessment prior to boarding. This is to ensure your dog is comfortable here inside and outside.

We also require that your dog be on a flea/deworming and tick control product from your Veterinarian June-November (like Revolution, Advantage (for fleas only) Advantage Multi, Simparica, Bravecto and Nexguard) as external parasites spread very quickly. . If your dog has fleas currently or you do not provide proof of flea medication he/she will not be permitted to stay.

*Because of our closely interactive style of boarding, we are unable to accept non-neutered males over the age of 6 months, or any females in heat. We also will not accept any dogs aggressive towards people or other dogs. If you misrepresent your dog, they will not be welcome back. If your dog bites us, or another dog while here, they also will not be welcome back.

*Please speak to your Veterinarian and consider anti-anxiety medication for your high anxiety dog. We do not tolerate consistent barking and while we try our best to provide a stress free environment, some dogs need a little help.  This not only makes your dogs stay more comfortable for them and allows them to rest, but it also ensures all the other dogs here are able to rest as well. Anxiety barkers are not permitted to stay and will need to be picked up. *

Food and Special Needs

It is important that you bring your own dog or cats food. A sudden change in diet for your pet could cause vomiting and/or diarrhea. This will cause unnecessary stress for your pet during their stay. If your dog begins having diarrhea, vomiting, fever or lethargy before coming to Just 4 Paws they will not be permitted to stay, please schedule an appointment with your Veterinarian, and should medications be required, then we will be happy to take them after the medical assessment.

We provide blankets and beds however we encourage you to bring your own blankets and toys in with your pet. This will help your pet to settle in and be much happier if he/she has something of their own from home.

Emergency Information

It is important for you to leave contact information for someone other than your veterinarian that can make medical decisions for you.

Please make sure this person is aware that they are our contact and that they know what you would want done. A medical problem can arise at any time.

Why us?

How We Care For Your Dog

When you go away on a relaxing holiday you want to know your dog will be safe and have a good time​ too. We understand how difficult it can be to locate the right boarding service for your pets needs! At Just 4 Paws we cater to what YOU want for your pet while you are away, and what your pet NEEDS. We want to make sure that not only is your pet in a comfortable environment when you leave, but also that you leave feeling comfortable your pet is with us.

Friendly, well socialized dogs are placed in carefully selected play groups based on their size and age. The dogs are then free to play together in our 1 acre supervised, secure grass area, (minimum) 2 times a day for approximately 2-4 hours (weather depending)

Our indoor kennels are spacious and second to none in cleanliness. Our kennel sizes are 4x5.5, including 2 deluxe suites to accommodate multiple dogs from the same family, with attached 4x10 outdoor runs. Take a look at our Facebook page for pictures of our kennels, and outdoor play area!

We at Just 4 Paws know touch is a very important part of the boarding experience for your dog. There is lots of interaction, plenty of pats at playtime, as well as bedtime, along with a special treat.

Along with using a cat pheromone to reduce cat anxiety, we also use Adaptil, a dog pheromone, to help reduce Canine anxiety.

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