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Please ​read carefully

*"Per day" means Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday etc If you pick up before 11am on the last day you will not be charged for that day. You are charged a full day for the first day your pet boards.

*Weekends are a minimum of 2 days*

> 1 Dog $57 per DAY + HST

> 2 dogs in the same space $103 per DAY + HST

> 3 dogs in the same space $146 per DAY + HST

Dogs from the same family requiring separate sleeping areas will be charged individual price @ $57 per day

Medications start at $2 per day

Unfortunately due to my schedule I can no longer take diabetic pets

Vet visit $50 Please read waiver carefully, as if your dog needs medical attention they will go to a Veterinarian even If I am unable to contact you or your emergency contact.


1 ca​t $30 per day

2 cats $50 per day

3 cats $60 per day


We do not do grooming but will give your dog a bath if you would like (Weather and dog coat depending as we do not have the proper drying equipment for very fluffy dogs)

If you would like to add a bath and nails on it is $50

We do not bath cats

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